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Doctoral Event (DEG): Nathan Harrison-Clarke

Nath is on the Sociology Pathway at the University of Nottingham. His research topic is “Sexuality, Power and Identity: A Study of the Intersection between Sexuality and Faith in the LGBT Buddhist Community.”. In May 2023 he organised a Doctoral Event, funded by a “DEG” grant from the Midlands Graduate School, titled “PhD Development Day: Present, Write, Think”, with Gilian Noord.

The event was a busy, engaging and inspiring day:

The event started with a mini keynote from Prof Howard Stevenson, who emphasised the importance of embracing imposter syndrome, learning to live with it, and finding a supportive community.

Dr Jamie Pei ran an inspiring workshop on ‘Perfectly imperfect writing practices for your thesis’ which left the delegates feeling motivated and empowered.

A talk by Senior PGR Careers Advisers Lucie Whitfield and Kirstin Barnard provided invaluable insights into academic and non-academic career paths.

Three researchers showcased their PhD research using the Pecha Kucha style. Each researcher had the opportunity to take questions from the audience which were both insightful and challenging, leading to discussions informed by the celebration of researchers coming together from diverse pathways.

An “Adapt Wellbeing Presentation” facilitated by Harriet Clark and Sandra Rose offered an opportunity for peer support and reflection on various aspects of PhD life.

Various delegates delivered PhD presentations. For many, this was the first time presenting their research, and some relished the challenge of the Pecha Kucha style.

Prof Rachel Fyson’s closing address, about the varied and dynamic approaches to different types of working, resonated with many of the delegates, leaving them with a sense of shared understanding and a renewed commitment to our academic journey.

Nath comments:

“The ‘PhD Development Day: Present, Write, Think’ event was a truly enriching experience. Throughout the day, we had the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of topics and perspectives, creating a sense of community and personal growth between our different pathways, trajectories, and research interests…

…moments of socializing added a sense of warmth and community to the event and sparked many engaging conversations. Notably, the event brought together a number of researchers with similar academic interests who hadn’t met before, and I overheard them discussing the potential of collaborating in the future…

…Overall, the event was a success, providing us with valuable knowledge, support, and networking opportunities. It showcased the strength and diversity of our research community, leaving us inspired and motivated to continue our PhD journeys. We are very grateful to the MGS ESRC DTP, our guest speakers, and fellow participants who made this event a memorable experience”.





Thu 09 Nov 2023, 11:01


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