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ESRC Advanced Training

Advanced Training across the Midlands Graduate School

Each year, the Midlands Graduate School ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) will offer a number of short Advanced Training workshops or courses. In addition to their home institution offering, ESRC-funded students will have the option to take advanced training across the consortium. Some institutions advanced training offerings will also be open for non-ESRC funded PhD students to attend. However, this varies by institution so if you are a non-funded student please check the details of the course you wish to undertake, as there may be a charge for attending or it may be closed to only ESRC-funded students.

These advanced training courses are mostly 10-credit modules, and these can be counted towards the requirement that ESRC-funded students take a minimum of 20 credits of advanced training modules across the course of the PhD phase of their award.

For information on the advanced training offered in each Midlands Graduate School institution, please click on the links below. As institutions are developing their advanced training suites, information is not currently available for all advanced training that will be offered across the six universities.

Please return regularly for updates and we will provide links to the relevant information when available.

Advanced Training offered by the wider ESRC network

In addition to advanced training offered by the Midlands Graduate School, there are a variety of advanced training opportunities across the wider ESRC network.

ESRC Data and Methods Services supporting research and providing training

The ESRC funds a range of data and methods services to support research and study. It provides resources needed to access high quality socio-economic data and to develop research skills. These services are:

Each service provides support and delivers training, including joint training and can be contacted if you are interested in bespoke training.

Author: Jo Wathan, UK Data Service