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Overseas Institutional Visit (OIV): Nathan Harrison-Clarke

Nath is on the Sociology Pathway at the University of Nottingham. From September to November 2023 he undertook an Overseas Institutional Visit (OIV) to the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

The focus of Nath’s visit was participating in the course ‘Religion, Gender, and Sexuality’ on which he was registered for credit, meeting the requirements of both his home institution and the MGS advanced training module. The course exposed Nath to influential texts, exploring a wide range of topics, including the shift away from universalisations and the examination of religion, sexuality, and gender in various global contexts.

Nath presented an empirical study on the book “Understanding Young Buddhists” and submitted eight weekly 2000-word reading reports. He also had the opportunity to teach on this module, lead seminar discussions, and gain marking experience. He delivered a lecture on “Foucault, normalizing power, and heteronormativity”, facilitating further discussions of empirical papers and gaining experience in marking reading reports submitted by MA students.

Nath had regular supervisory meetings with his academic supervisor, Professor Kim Knibbe, to discussing research progress, obtaining valuable feedback and information about international opportunities in Europe, including postdoctoral positions. He took part in various networking events and participated in the school’s monthly graduate seminar meetings. He actively participated in the school’s work-in-progress meetings which provided a valuable platform for discussing ongoing research projects, gaining insights into the grant application process. These meetings also opened up discussions about potential future postdoctoral opportunities. Nath also presented his own research to the department receiving valuable feedback and advice.

Nath comments:

“My overseas institutional far visit exceeded my expectations, offering invaluable opportunities for networking, delving deeper into my research subject, and gaining international teaching and marking experience. These experiences broadened my understanding of my research areas and introduced me to new approaches to my research, new styles of working, as well as strengthening my passion for pursuing an academic career. This trip not only expanded my horizons but also boosted my self-confidence. While I initially saw it as a one-time opportunity, I can now envision a future in which I undertake more international opportunities. I look forward to strengthening the connections I have made during my visit, and potentially exploring additional European research networks in the future.”

Tue 23 Jan 2024, 11:58


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