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The PhD Place

The PhD Place is a student initiative of the MGSDTP

The PhD Place is an online PGR community focussed on friendship and the exchange of ideas. ​We offer an exciting space to create community and connection with other researchers, and we are only just beginning. Tackling isolation is the founding principle of our online community. We believe that sharing and understanding our experiences has the potential to combat feelings of isolation, create life-long connections, and provide you with the resources to succeed​.

Through PhD Spotlight, PGRs have the opportunity to explore a range of experiences from academics all over the world, share advice with other researchers, and make new, likeminded friends.​ As part of our online writing group, The PhD Space, researchers experience the value of friendship and collaboration first hand. Each week we welcome postgraduate researchers from all over the world to write with us, boost our productivity, and keep each other accountable.

We welcome researchers from the Midlands Graduate School (and beyond) to share their experiences with us and take part in our community. It doesn't matter whether you're pre-PhD, a PhD student, or a post-PhD researcher. We have a lot to learn from each other, and everyone has an important story to tell. Any topic. Any year. Any uni.

Photograph of MGSDTP students playing reconnect four, and an advertisement for our writing group 'The PhD Place' at the Midlands Graduate School DTP Conference

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