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Dr Darius Koester

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Dr Darius Koester

Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick


Research Interests

The skin is our boundary between us and the world and receives continuously mechanical signals from the outside, e.g. when being pushed around in a crowded tube or when feeling the calming touch of a friend’s hug. Similarly, the cells in our body and in other organisms are exposed to mechanical signals from their environment (other cells and tissue). Our research aims to understand, how cells detect these mechanical signals and how this affects their program and fate during development (e.g. to form well-defined organs and tissue). To achieve this aim, we design simplified, minimal systems and experiments on cells under controlled mechanical conditions.

Scientific Inspiration

Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859). He was one of the last great polymaths with many talents and playing an important role in fields such as geography, biology, natural sciences and meteorology. His holistic understanding of the complex and interwoven mechanisms governing our planet earth were path-breaking for his time and he was the first person to describe human-induced climate change based on observations during his travels. In addition to this, he was an excellent science communicator and spent a good effort to further science and higher education in Berlin, Germany.

Project Details

Dr Darius Koester is supervising no projects this year.