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Professor Karuna Sampath

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Karuna Sampath

Contact Details

Professor Karuna Sampath

Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick


Research Interests

  • How does a single-celled egg give rise to distinct progenitor cells and tissues?
  • What are the mechanisms and factors that control these processes, and what happens if these are disrupted?

The Sampath Laboratory focuses on fundamental mechanisms that control development and differentiation of embryonic and germline progenitors, and the molecular mechanisms underlying these processes. We use the animal model of human development and disease, zebrafish, and cultured human cells as experimental systems. We combine live imaging, proteomic, genetic, transcriptomic, cell & developmental biology approaches with computational analysis and modelling to understand the mechanisms that control embryonic, extra-embryonic and germline progenitors.

Scientific Inspiration

Marie Curie, for her brilliance and tenacity. Her work led to many routinely used tools in modern medicine (e.g. X-rays). More recent scientific heroes include RNA biologists Melissa Moore and Katalin Kariko (who spearheaded development of RNA-based Covid vaccines).

Project Details

Professor Karuna Sampath is supervising no projects this year.