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Dr Lona Alkhalaf

Supervisor Details

Dr Lona Alkhalaf

Contact Details

Dr Lona Alkhalaf


Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick


Research Interests

The main research focus of the group is the chemistry and biology of natural products e.g. antibiotics, siderophores, phytotoxins, autoinducers and other bioactive metabolites.

Research in the Challis group encompasses diverse aspects of the chemistry and biology of natural products, including genomics-driven discovery of new bioactive metabolites, elucidation of novel pathways for natural product biosynthesis, mechanistic enzymology of unusual biosynthetic enzymes, biosynthetic engineering approaches to the production of novel natural product derivatives, the total synthesis of the natural products we discover, and elucidation of the biological functions of natural products.

Research Groups

Challis / Alkhalaf Group

Project Details

Dr Alkhalaf is supervising no projects this year.