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PathLAKE Winter 2022 Newsletter – Digitisation and AI Tools Focus

In this issue, we focus on PathLAKE's role in digitising NHS labs and developing AI tools.

Prof David Snead, Director of PathLAKE said:

“Having slides in a digital format means we can start to see how computers might help pathologists do their job. Artificial intelligence is being applied to pathology slides, just as in every other walk of life. PathLAKE is at the forefront of developing some of these AI algorithms and aims to provide a data lake of images to help other researchers to do the same. These tools will help provide faster more accurate reports to clinicians, which will help improve outcomes for patients in the future.”

Highlights include:

  • PathLAKE launches a new animated video for patients and the public: What is computer assisted diagnosis?
  • An update on PathLAKE Plus, which aims to deliver digital pathology and AI benefits to over 17 million NHS patients.
  • An interview with Prof Emad Rakha about one of the most recent PathLAKE publications: “Current and future applications of artificial intelligence in pathology: a clinical perspective”.
  • Recent events, including a conference report from the 8th Digital Pathology and AI Congress: Europe held in London in December.
  • Update on the Computational Pathology seminar series hosted by the University of Warwick’s Tissue Image Analytics Centre. Recordings of the talks are now available on YouTube.

Throughout the newsletter there are links to more information, where you can find out more about PathLAKE's work.

Click PathLAKE Winter 2022 to download the newsletter.


Fri 11 Mar 2022, 11:01 | Tags: PathLAKE

What is Computer Assisted Diagnosis? PathLAKE launches new animated video for patients and the public

PathLAKE is excited to launch a new video for patients and the public giving a brief introduction to computer assisted diagnosis.

With the help of animations, Dr John Guelke (an ethics researcher in Prof Tom Sorell’s group at the University of Warwick) explains what whole slide images of tissue are, and how the patterns found on whole slide images may indicate diseases, such as cancer.

Professor Tom Sorell, head of the Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group at the University of Warwick and ethics lead for PathLAKE, said:

This video is intended to give patients and the general public an understandable brief introduction to computer assisted diagnostics. Patients were heavily consulted before the video was made, so it reflects their views.

Among other things, the video shows that the patterns on which diagnoses are based use annotations of whole slide images by expert human pathologists. Patients who think machine diagnosis is independent of expert human judgement should be reassured.

Another issue taken up by the video is the protection of patient identities associated with tissue samples captured by Whole Slide Images. This is another source of reassurance.

The video is on the PathLAKE YouTube channel.

Fri 11 Mar 2022, 12:57 | Tags: PathLAKE

PathLAKE Autumn Newsletter released!

We are excited by the new release of the PathLAKE Autumn Newsletter!

This edition is focussed on the education & engagement activities PathLAKE offers and how you can get involved!

For further information please visit: Out now! PathLAKE Autumn 2021 Newsletter - PathLAKE : PathLAKE

To download follow the link here: PathLAKE Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Wed 06 Oct 2021, 11:58

PathLAKE Summer Newsletter

We have released our PathLAKE Summer Newsletter 2021!

To download the newsletter please follow the link here.

This edition features an exciting insight into our patient & public opinion within PathLAKE as we interview Janet, Ed & Sophia on their contribution towards PathLAKE.

The newsletter also includes PathLAKE news, upcoming events and latest publications.

Mon 26 Jul 2021, 11:03

Masterclasses 2021 Recordings now available!

We are excited to announce the recordings from our recent May Masterclass series: "AI for Pathologists" are now live on Youtube!

The playlist includes recordings of each session, Q&A sessions, Industry flash talks and much more.

Follow the link here to watch the recordings: PathLAKE Masterclasses 2021 - YouTube or visit our dedicated Masterclass page for more information.

Wed 21 Jul 2021, 13:25

Upcoming Ethics Webinar: Research Ethics Committee Review of AI projects: what REC members need to know and training needs

Please find details below of the next in the Centres of Excellence Ethics Webinar series, hosted by PathLAKE.

This session’s topic is Research Ethics Committee Review of AI projects: what REC members need to know and training needs and it will be held on teams on Thurs 22nd July 1 to 2.30pm.


1. Tom Sorell (Warwick) – Introduction: Are some of the ethical issues raised by data lakes new or unusual?

2. Clare Verrill (Oxford) – Report on a survey of experiences of REC review

3. Will Navaie (NHS Health Research Authority) – How can we streamline the regulatory system for data-driven research?

4. Responses from REC members and general discussion

For more information and joining instructions please follow this link: Ethics in Imaging: AI Centres of Excellence webinar series - PathLAKE : PathLAKE

Tue 15 Jun 2021, 12:22

Spring Newsletter 2021!

We have released our PathLAKE Spring Newsletter 2021!

Please follow the link here to view.

This quarterly edition features NHS site updates, highlights from the previous quarter, upcoming events and the latest PathLAKE Publications.

Follow the link here to view our previous newsletters.

Fri 23 Apr 2021, 12:18

Computational Pathology and PathLAKE - 7th March 2021

Professor Nasir Rajpoot speaks on the topic: Beyond Microscopy: Pathology Informatics. This was a workshop held in conjunction with the Evidence based Medicine conference. Organised by Tata Memorial Hospital (India) 7th March 2021.

Mon 12 Apr 2021, 11:58

Division of Biomedical Sciences, Warwick Medical School Divisional Seminar Series-10th February

On Wednesday 10th February, Dr Fayyaz Minhas delivered a seminar titled "Machine Learning Guided Discovery of Protein Interactions and Functions."

Please see the link here for more information.

Wed 10 Feb 2021, 15:19

AI Centres of Excellence 'Ethics in Imaging' Webinar - 14th January

An ethics workshop, organised for Thursday 14th January, brings together AI Centres of Excellence to further explore 'Ethics in Imaging'.

Tue 19 Jan 2021, 17:28

Swiss Consortium for Digital Pathology: SDiPath Annual Meeting - 14th January 2021

Pro Nasir Rajpoot speaks at the SDiPath Annual meeting, January 2021.

Please find the link here for further information.

Tue 19 Jan 2021, 16:01

AIDP (International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Digital Pathology) -10th January 2021

Prof Nasir Rajpoot delivers a keynote speech titled: "Computational Pathology for Precision Medicine" - 10th January 2021.

Please follow the link here for more information.

Mon 11 Jan 2021, 16:31

Beat the Pathologist: Winners announced!

Congratulations to the winners and all those who took part in the Pathcomp 'Beat the Pathologist' competition!

Thank you to all those who took part in this Autumn competition, it has been very successful and we look forward to seeing some future pathologists!

Please find the winners and more competition information here.

Also find further information of the competition here.

Tue 22 Dec 2020, 17:39

7th Digital Pathology & AI Congress: Europe - 3 Dec 2020

On Thursday 3rd December, Dr Fayyaz Minhas delivered a talk titled "Whole slide images are graphs" at the Digital Pathology Congress (London, Virtual Meeting)

Please follow the link here to view the presentation.

Fri 04 Dec 2020, 10:05

7th Digital Pathology & AI Congress: Europe (3rd-4th December 2020)

We are very excited to announce that Dr Fayyaz Minhas will be a presenter in the upcoming Digital & AI Congress 2020. (Virtual Meeting)

This will take place Thursday 3rd December-Friday 4th December 2020.

Please follow the link here for registration details and more information about the Congress.

Mon 30 Nov 2020, 12:45

Upcoming Health GRP webinar: 4 Dec 2020

Dr Fayyaz Minhas will be discussing his work on machine learning guided discovery of anti-CRISPR proteins in collaboration with this year's Chemistry Nobel Dr. Jennifer Doudna in this seminar series. If you would like to hear more about this and other exciting talks on single-cell sequencing and a flavour based COVID-19 test, you can register here.

"Application of novel technologies" in Biomedical space at 11-12pm on Friday 4th December 2020.

Mon 30 Nov 2020, 12:36

North West Seminar Series of Mathematical Biology and Data Science - 23 Nov 2020

Prof Nasir Rajpoot speaks at a virtual seminar series organised by University of Manchester, University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University.

Please follow the YouTube link here to view the presentation

Mon 30 Nov 2020, 11:55

BWH Pathology Grand Rounds- 5 Oct 2020

Prof Nasir Rajpoot speaks at Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital Pathology Grand Rounds - 5 Oct 2020

Please follow the twitter link here for more information.

Mon 30 Nov 2020, 11:00

Recruitment 2020

Despite the challenging situation over the past months, we have had an exciting spring/summer of recruitment!

Head over to our teams page for further information about the PathLAKE Warwick team.

Mostafa Jahanifar: Research Fellow-joined October 2020

Chien-Hui Liao: Senior Project Manager-joined September 2020

Mohsin Bilal: Senior Research Fellow-joined August 2020

Hannah Blackburn: Centre Co-ordinator-joined May 2020

John Euinton: Systems Administrator-joined March 2020

Fri 27 Nov 2020, 13:31

Autumn Newsletter 2020

  Our latest Autumn Newsletter 2020 edition has been released!

Find the link here or have a look at our newsletter page for further information and previous newsletters.

The newsletter includes latest updates, recruitment, celebrations & publications from the PathLAKE Warwick team!

Fri 13 Nov 2020, 12:00

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