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About Us

Warwick Q-Step Centre

The Warwick Q-Step Centre has been established to host the Q-Step programme at the University of Warwick. Its aim is to deliver a step-change in quantitative skills within one of the strongest UK and global Social Science Faculties. It has substantial and long-term University investment in infrastructure, staff and other resources.

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Key Priorities

  • Introduction of two new internationally competitive undergraduate degrees and three new internationally competitive postgraduate Masters level courses in collaboration with the Departments of Politics and International Studies, Sociology and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies;
  • a pedagogic approach driven by real-world problems;
  • Diverse and innovative teaching and learning including one-to-one, small group and virtual learning approaches;
  • an outstanding recruitment and widening participation strategy;
  • a carefully staged programme of activities offering students the chance to experience ‘live’ research and interaction with the wider University research community;
  • a strong employability strategy, including placements, building statistical literacy for the workplace and modern participatory citizenry;
  • annual Spring Quantitative Methods Camps offering training in cutting-edge quantitative skills with leading scholars and users in policy and industry;
  • the opportunity for students to work on global social problems in disciplinary and interdisciplinary teams with researchers across the University;
  • the establishment of an Advisory Board (comprising experts in quantitative methods from inside and outside the social sciences at Warwick, top national and international scholars, employers and representatives of schools) to advise on emerging challenges and ensure that all courses deliver employability, and remain relevant and internationally competitive.



What is Q-Step?

Q-Step is a £19.5 million programme designed to promote a step-change in quantitative social science training. Over a five-year period from 2013, fifteen universities across the UK are delivering specialist undergraduate programmes, including new courses, work placements and pathways to postgraduate study. Expertise and resources will be shared across the higher education sector through an accompanying support programme, which will also forge links with schools and employers.

Q-Step was developed as a strategic response to the shortage of quantitatively-skilled social science graduates. It is funded by the Nuffield Foundation, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

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