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Careers & Employability

Business Intelligence, Consultancy, Journalism and Research; these are just some of the career pathways open to graduates with quantitative methods skills.

A Warwick Q-Step degree gives you the opportunity to develop real-world employability skills through our high-quality training in cutting-edge quantitative methods, our Spring Camps and our integral placement scheme.

Graduates with quantitative skills are being increasingly sought by employers across all sectors including the public sector, academia, government, charities and business. Our degrees will give you the employability skills needed to give you a flying start to your career:

  • Employer driven: our degrees directly address the deficit of quantitative skills within social sciences identified by employers.
  • Careers support: we will give you dedicated careers support and advice from day one of your degree.
  • Skills development: our degrees enhance your employability skills such as communication, application of numeracy, and experiencing data-driven problems in the workplace.

There is a quantitative skills (QS) deficit in the UK, with 55% of employers reporting widespread QS weaknesses amongst their employees.

Careers in Quantitative Methods | Further Information:

For more information on a career using quantitative skills, see the following guides produced by the British Academy, ESRC and HEFCE:


Career Pathways

Quantitative Methods are used widely across the social sciences, for example in politics, policy research, education and criminology. Examples of possible career pathways for graduates with quantitative methods skills include:

  • Education and Research
  • Public Sector
  • Charity and Non-profit
  • Publishing and Journalism
  • Uniformed Services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Arts and Media
  • Consultancy