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Students are likely to succeed so long as they bring in their curiosity for and involvement in all the planned activities: readings and discussions, web explorations, survey design and administration, and data treatments.

The assessment will consist of two essays in which you will demonstrate the knowledge and know-how acquired during the course, as well as through your readings.
1. A formative essay of up to 4,000 words to be prepared by teams of two (3,000 words for single authors). The purpose is to produce a questionnaire on a sensitive issue of your choice. The essay will include: the choice and justification of your research question (RQ); the questionnaire itself, with all relevant explanations for each question or section; a target population and a method for administration, to be justified in relation with your topic. More detail is provided during the class.
2. A summative essay of up to 2,500 words to be prepared individually. It will consist of the search of a secondary dataset (possibly more) related to your RQ, its assessment in relation with your RQ, the design of a treatment outline and the implementation of basic treatments. More information will be given in class.

All essay titles will be negotiated. For the summative one, they will have to fill in the related form, as indicated in the undergraduate handbook. Please also refer to the Handbook for all formal norms to comply with.

Tables and graphs count in proportion to the room they fill: start writing your essay; select a full page and click "Word count" (or equivalent in another software), for example 300 words; insert a figure or chart; if it takes half a page, then it counts for 300/2=150 words (if 2/3 page, then 200 words, etc.).