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PO12Q-15: Introduction to Quantitative Political Analysis II


Timing and CATS

This module will run in the Spring Term and is worth 15 CATS.

Further information.

Module Convenor: Dr Florian Reiche


Module Description

This module builds on PO11Q which is essential for taking this module. PO12Q will concentrate on the tasks of "analysis" and "interpretation" of the quantitative methods typology, and provide students with a toolbox to analyse the relationship between two or more variables. The module will start by looking at two-sample t-tests and cross-tabulations, before moving to its main focus: regression analysis. This method is one of the standard tools of political science researchers and cannot only demonstrate whether relationships between variables exist, but also quantify the magnitude and direction of such a relationship. We will progress in small steps, starting with only one independent variable to explore the intuition, assumptions, and interpretation of results. The module will close by discussing the basics of multiple regression.