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Module Currently Not Offered! OldQS106UnderstandingSocialInequalities


Timing and CATS

This module will run in the Spring Term and is worth 15 CATS.

This is an optional Y1 Module and is available also to Y2 and Y3 students subject to their course regulations and departmental approval.

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Module Convenor: Dr Roxana Baltaru


Module Description

Inequality is all around us and is found in every element of our lives. Women are often paid less than men when doing the same job. There are striking social class and ethnic inequalities in GCSE attainment. People from disadvantaged social backgrounds have lower life expectancies and suffer more health problems throughout their lives.

This module will introduce you to a range of sociological research on social inequalities. We will consider social class, ethnicity and gender inequalities, and we will discuss how these factors influence our educational attainment, labour market outcomes, health and family life.

This module will help you think critically about empirical social research and research findings. You will develop a firm foundation in the principles of research design. You will learn how to evaluate published research in reports, monographs and news articles. Centrally this module will emphasise the role of quantitative research methods in contributing to our understanding of social inequalities in contemporary society.

This module comprises of a one hour lecture and a two hour seminar each week. The course will be assessed by a critical literature review.