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Spring Camp 2016

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On 21 and 22 April 2016, the Warwick Q-Step Centre hosted the first Methods Spring Camp

The theme chosen for this year’s Camp was HEALTH. Staff and students from a variety of disciplines across the University (sociology, politics, economics, business, psychology, law, statistics, life sciences, engineering) came together to focus on methodological challenges related to health issues. Participants were able to engage in discussion and debate and gain hands-on experience of working with data.

On Day 1 of the event we were delighted to welcome a range of experts form academia and industry to give presentations on various health related topics including health statistics, global health governance, impact of welfare reforms on health, communicating health data and the use of genetics data within social sciences.

On Day 2 students took part in an interactive workshop on Data Mining and Big Data, with a specific focus on developing the skills required to make sense of and visualise digital health data. Students learned how to use qualitative software to analyse data collected from Twitter and Instagram, as well as other dynamic techniques to map text and image data.

The two-day event was a fantastic opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students to gain experience of working with others from a range of disciplines, as well as developing the data skills and techniques needed in an increasingly digital landscape.

See the full Spring Camp 2016 programme below:

The workshop was so useful and will look great on a CV. Thanks for organising such a useful programme!

Spring Camp 2016 Participant,
BA Sociology and Quantitative Methods

This was a fantastic opportunity to learn and network with individuals who are exploring new and exciting fields of research!

Spring Camp 2016 Participant, BSc Management (Warwick Business School)