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Postgraduate Student Reflections

Here you can find out directly from our students about postgraduate study at Warwick Q-Step Centre


During my Masters degree in Research in Politics and International Studies I had the privilege of taking both the quantitative and qualitative methods modules offered by Warwick Q-Step Centre and cannot stress enough how these two courses have provided me with the tools to succeed in both my professional and academic career. Whilst I had taken an undergraduate module in quantitative methods, the postgraduate methods modules truly built my foundation in statistical research, how to analyze data, and how to present data in innovative ways. Similarly, the qualitative methods module provided me with a greater understanding of how the various research methods that can be used for political research are not restricted to just statistical data analysis, but can be very broad including things like interviews, focus groups, and case studies, to name just a few.

I found the knowledge you gain from these modules is essential if you are a student looking to do any sort of political research in industry, academia, or government. My professional work has benefited from methods training so that I can actually interpret data sets and the way they are used to tell a certain narrative, and how to use data for my research reports effectively and accurately. I would highly recommend taking one, if not both, of these modules to any students in the discipline as essential learning.

- Navjot Sanghera

During this year, I was fascinated by the cutting-edge research on a variety of topics, which not only focused on Big Data, but also on its impact and implications in a multidisciplinary ongoing academic dialogue. I have never been in an academic community where you get both the benefits of pragmatism and theory at the same time. At Warwick Q-Step you have the chance to interact with people with many different backgrounds to you, and all these different backgrounds are reflected in the courses offered and broadens our perspectives. What I like most about Warwick Q-Step Centre is that it is a good place to be if you are pursuing an academic career, or equally if you are interested in going into business or the public sector afterwards. There are multiple sources and stimuli for all kinds of interests, and I think that this makes Warwick Q-Step Centre an exciting choice.

- Aikaterini Karatziovali

MA in Politics, Big Data and Quantitative Methods