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Project Ideas and Networking


(PDF Document) Would You Attend a Seminar on any of these Topics? - Sweet Jar Poll Results

(PDF Document) Summary of Stakeholder Activity - Notes from each table ("Novel Therapeutics", "Bacterial Targets", "Modelling and Infection Control", "Diagnostics", "Behaviour Change")


(PDF Document) An Overview of AMR - Victoria Wells, Antibiotic Action, (More detailed presentation available by Prof Laura Piddock, BSAC Chair in Public Engagement)
(PDF Document) Engaging Stakeholders - Katie Irgin, Impact Officer, Research and Impact Services

(PDF Document) INTEGRATE AMR, an Update - Rika Nair, Project Manager "Bridging the Gaps"

Who's Who

(PDF Document) Warwick AMR Contact List

Event Summary

On the 9th June, healthcare professionals and academic researchers joined minds at the Warwick Arts Centre, where they discussed ideas and networked around the theme of Antimicrobial Resistance.

Setting the scene, Victoria Wells, our guest speaker from the global initiative, Antibiotic Action, provided an overview of the problem.

The number of infections by resistant bacteria are increasing and counter measures are far and few between.

Attendees were split into groups and asked to creatively think about different solutions, including ‘novel therapeutics’, ‘diagnostics’, ‘behaviour change’ and ‘infection control’. In particular, they were tasked with identifying relevant stakeholders and creating a list of activities to engage with them. A major point of discussion that arose from this was the benefit of improving links between antimicrobial researchers at the university and the NIHR Clinical Research Network.