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Early Career Fellows

"Some of these challenges have opened the door to completely new ventures."

 Dr Eva Caamano, ECF Blog: 'Exploiting pathogen's glycan adhesion for detection.'

Ross Slater:
“Exploiting pathogens – identification of a possible antimicrobial small molecule."

C.difficile, natural products, drug discovery

Christopher Thoroughgood:
"Understanding the mechanisms driving resistance to two classes of antibiotic in Enterococcus faecalis."

Target characterisation , novel inhibitors, drug discovery

Eva Caamano:
"Exploiting pathogen glycan adhesion for detection."

Diagnostics, modelling

Namrita Modgill:
"Fluorescent peptidoglycan precursors to study bacterial cell wall biosynthesis."

Target characterisation

Vincent Poon:
"Elucidating a missing gap in the biosynthesis of a novel natural compound."

Natural products, drug discovery

Paul Sazinas: 
"Bacteriophage involvement in the horizontal transfer of antimicrobial resistance genes within bacterial communities."

Phage, AMR transmission, modelling

Jasmine Desmond:
"Developing new drugs to tackle antimicrobial resistance: a combined experimental and computational approach."

Target characterisation, biophysics, modelling

Tiantian Fu:
"AMR in gut microbiota - subpopulation to single- cell resolution of swarming cells response to antibiotics."

Bacterial behaviour target characterisation, microscopy, microfluidics

Branko Rihtman:
"Double impact – exploring the potential of combined phage and antibiotic therapy."

Phage, alternatives to antibiotics, novel therapeutics

James Harrison:
"Establishment of a fluorescent resonance transfer assay (FRET) for Mycobacterium tuberculosis."

Tuberculosis method development

Shanshan Zhou:
"First X-ray crystal structure of a methylase involved in the biosynthesis of antibiotics."

Structural biochemistry. natural products, drug discovery

Alex Wilcox:
“Phagocins - a new antimicrobial concept."

Alternatives to antibiotics, novel therapeutics

Jocelyn Anstey Watkins:
"Community-level antibiotic access and use."

Behaviour, Social science, Mixed methods, modelling

George Parry:
“Cell Shaping – the impact of proximity interactions between Staphylococcus aureus and epithelial cells on infection."

Microfluidics method development, infection model

Erick Ratamero:
“Developing a 21st century alternative to penicillin: a one-drug- dual-target strategy"

Target characterisation , modelling, virtual reality

Ben Collyer:

"Towards Personalised Empirical Antibiotic Guidance – A Pilot Study"

Machine learning, modelling, public health data, clinical decision-making

Sebastien Raguideau:
"Resolving the genomic context of AMR genes from environmental metagenomes."

Environmental AMR transmission, modelling

Chris Fage:
“Exploiting carbene-based footprinting."

Drug discovery method development, biosynthetic pathway engineering

Jessica Furner-Pardoe:
"Cytotoxicity & immunomodulatory activity of an 'ancientbiotic.'"

Alternatives to antibiotics

Kathryn Styles:
“Flexicates: novel chemical entities with novel modes of action."

Drug discovery, Alternatives to antibiotics