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Phage-based Technologies Against AMR Conference


This conference took place on 15-16 September 2016. Relive the higlights here.

The focus of this conference is to encourage new interdisciplinary approaches based on phages and plasmids that could be used to fight Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

The conference was co-organised by EVOPROG and INTEGRATE AMR. EVOPROG is an EU FET-Proactive consortium devoted to developing new technology to engineer molecules based on bacteriophages (phages), continuous cultures and evolution. EVOPROG exemplifies the usefulness of novel technologies and approaches to engineer phages, which could transform phage therapy as we know it today.

The conference facilitated discussions between specialists who have expertise in phages, virology, directed evolution, microbiology & microbial diversity and encourage collaborations to tackle AMR.

Our goal was to provide an innovative interface for directed evolutionary technologies and antimicrobial resistance, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter.

In the age of genome sequencing and engineering, new emerging technologies can be used to design novel antimicrobial strategies:

1) Enhance existing antibiotics.

2) Alternative antimicrobials such as molecules derived from phages.

3) Synthetic phages or phage-like particles as antimicrobials.


Ian Molineux, University of Texas at Austin
Victor de Lorenzo, CSIC

Stephen Abedon, Ohio State University
Udi Qimron, Tel Aviv University
Mark Isalan, Imperial College London
Jim Haseloff, Cambridge University
Didier Mazel, Institute Pasteur
Fernando de la Cruz, Universidad de Cantabria
Alfonso Rodriguez-Paton, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
George Salmond, University of Cambridge
Martha Clokie, University of Leicester

David Harper, Evolution Biotechnologies

Andrzej Gorski, Polish Academy of Sciences

Mark van Raaij, Madrid CNB

Alfonso Jaramillo, University of Warwick

Ramesh Wigneshweraraj, Imperial College London

Antonia Sagona, University of Warwick

Meera Unnikrishnan, University of Warwick

Akos Nyerges, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Freya Harrison, University of Warwick


Conference chair:

Prof. Alfonso Jaramillo, Professor of Synthetic Biology

Coordinator of the EVOPROG consortium

Organised and funded by:

EVOPROG consortium

INTEGRATE AMR, 'Integrating expertise across disciplines to tackle antimicrobial resistance'

Venue: Royal Shakespeare Company. The Other Place, RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon
Dates: 15 & 16 Sep 2016

Start: 13:00 15 Sep (Lunch)