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AMR Community

Researchers at the University of Warwick are tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by integrating expertise across disciplines.

Life Sciences

Read more about our 5D-AMR approach

Associated Warwick Global Research Priorities


Innovative Manufacturing - A global centre of excellence at the University of Warwick for multidisciplinary research that underpins manufacturing priority areas. The GRP brings together engineers, chemists, physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, statisticians and life scientists.


Science & Technology for Health - The Health GRP's Networks of Excellence have been set up to facilitate Warwick’s multidisciplinary response to science and technology for health research calls, providing the opportunity to create novel solutions to problems. The Networks also augment the University of Warwick's profile in health research and technology, facilitating readiness to respond to research calls as they are released.

The Science and Technology for Health GRP intends to support a rolling portfolio of cross-campus networks of excellence.

Please contact the Health GRP on healthgrp at warwick dot ac dot uk for further information.
The Executive Committee would particularly welcome network applications relevant to: EPSRC Healthcare Challenges; Translational Activity; Ageing research relevant to EIT Health KIC themes; and Integrated healthcare.