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Life Sciences

Dr Corinne Smith
Structure and mechanism of clathrin coated vesicle formation during clathrin-mediated endocytosis using a range of structural and biophysical techniques
Professor David Roper
Structural biology, principally X-ray structural determination, in combination with molecular biology and biochemical approaches, to investigate the molecular basis of microbial physiology
Dr Elizabeth Fullam
Mycobacterium tuberculosis sugar metabolism; biochemistry, structural biology, chemistry and microbiology techniques
Professor Christopher Dowson
Antibiotic resistance, bacterial pathogenicity and population genetics
Dr Yin Chen
Microbial diversity, genetics and biochemistry of microorganisms involved in methylated amine and quaternary amine metabolism
Professor Laura Green
Statistical and mathematical approaches to understanding the biology and control of diseases in farmed animals; translating research into practice.
Dr Alex Cameron
Dynamic membrane proteins; X-ray crystallography in combination with other biochemical and biophysical techniques
Dr Adrian Lloyd
Antimicrobial targets
Dr Vardis Ntoukakis
Plant-pathogen interactions; Genome-wide, confocal microscopy and biochemistry
Dr Hendrik Schaefer
Genetic and functional diversity of methylotrophics bacteria
Professor Elizabeth Wellington
Understanding the ecological roles for specific bacterial activities including antibiotic production, resistance and exoenzyme production and analysing the impact of lateral gene transfer
Dr Kevin Purdy
How microbial communities form and change temporally and spatially; microbial communities (microbiomes) associated with endemic diseases in farm animals.
Professor Andrew Easton
Molecular biology of viruses which use a single stranded negative sense RNA molecule as genome.
Professor Matt Keeling
Modelling of infectious diseases in humans and animals. Optimal targeting; Spatial spread and Networks; Stochasticity and persistance of infection
Dr Deirdre Hollingsworth
Transmission dynamics of HIV stages. Dynamics and control of malaria. Prediction and optimal control of helminth infections
Dr Christophe Corre
Bacterial signalling: new chemical keys to unlock the production of novel microbial antibiotics.
Dr Munehiro Asally
Bacterial community behaviour, biofilms
Dr Antonia Sagona
Mechanisms of bacterial infection and phage therapy inside the mammalian cell environment
Professor Alfonso Jaramillo
Developing synthetic phages as organism-specific antimicrobials. Expertise in theoretical physics, structural biology, biophysics, bioinformatics, HPC, 3D-printing, software engineering, microfluidics, structural analysis, statistical mechanics.
Dr Ioannis P. Nezis
Cellular mechanisms of bacterial clearance/ antibiotic resistance breakers. Expertise in cell and molecular biology, confocal microscopy, electron microscopy
Dr Freya Harrison
a) bacterial evolution, ecology & AMR in chronic infections, especially in cystic fibrosis; b) developing realistic lab models of chronic infection; c) antimicrobial discovery using pre-modern European medical texts.