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AMR Research Strategy

5D-AMR : Discovery Diagnostics Drugs Devices Delivery

Through Early Stage Science and Translational Pipeline

The Warwick Antimicrobial Interdisciplinary Centre (WAMIC) provides an exceptional intellectual and well-funded practical interdisciplinary hub for expertise within the university.

Alongside international partners and industry, we aim to push forward fundamental discovery towards the development of effective antimicrobials, diagnostics and interventions.


Early Stage Science

Discovery: Novel antimicrobials, Natural products (bacterial, insect and plant), and their biosynthesis, Fluid dynamics and physics of motility, Mathematical control mechanisms, Target characterization, reagent and assay development, spread and evolution of resistance, Bacterial uptake mechanisms

Diagnostics: Rapid diagnostic of disease

Translational Pipeline

Delivery: Predictive modelling, epidemiology and pharmacology

Devices: Low-cost point of use spectrophotemeters

Drugs: Novel antivirals/ vaccines, Cell wall and protein biosynthesis HTS screening /industry partnerships