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Management Committee

Matt Keeling

Modelling of infectious diseases in humans and animals. Optimal targeting; Spatial spread and Networks; Stochasticity and persistence of infection

Mathematics and Life Sciences

Christopher Dowson

Antibiotic resistance, bacterial pathogenicity and population genetics

Life Sciences

Greg Challis
Natural products chemistry and biology, including isolation and structure determination, genomics and genetics, enzymology and chemical synthesis Chemistry
Dr Deirdre Hollingsworth
Transmission dynamics of HIV stages. Dynamics and control of malaria. Prediction and optimal control of helminth infections Mathematics and Life Sciences
Dr Neil
Systems modelling, analysis and control of drug kinetic, epidemiological and biomedical processes Engineering
Professor Matthew Turner

Active and passive membranes; The FtsZ division machine in Bacteria

The topological glass in ring polymers; Thermodynamics of molecular motors

Professor Matthew Gibson
Polymer and carbohydrate chemistry to address global healthcare issues, with particular relevance to regenerative medicine and infectious diseases




Dr James Covington
Novel chemical sensors, sensing materials and micro-systems Engineering
Professor David Roper
Structural biology, principally X-ray structural determination, in combination with molecular biology and biochemical approaches, to investigate the molecular basis of microbial physiology Life Sciences
Dr Nick Waterfield
Insect infection models, fundamental microbiology, bioinformatics, functional genomics, natural and synthetic product antibiotics and bio(nano)technology Medicine
Professor Steven Brown
Solid-State NMR, structural and dynamic investigations, particularly hydrogen bonding and supramolecular systems Physics

Project Management


Dr Chandrika

Project management, research delivery, stakeholder engagement, organisation of workshops,
sandpits and outreach

Life Sciences