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Research Areas

Warwick researchers are investigating AMR across the scales: from small molecule therapeutics to bacterial targets, from rapid diagnositics to predictive epidemiology.

Novel Antimicrobials
Alternative antimicrobial strategies
Denham, Fullam, Waterfield, Marsh, Sagona
Synthetic chemistry
Scott, Sadler, Shipman, Tosin
Natural products
(bacterial, insect, plant)
Challis, Corre, Schaefer, Ntoukakis, Waterfield, Wellington, Tosin
Biosynthetic pathways
Challis, Rodger, Bugg, Tosin
Phage therapy

Biophysics of Bacteria-surface Interactions
Fluid dynamics modeling
Thomas, Turner
Polin, Kantsler
Bacterial motility
Polin, Kantsler, Turner, Yin
Live cell imaging
Polin, Kantsler, Sagona
Bacterial attachment
Asally, McNally, Kantsler

Infection Control and Disease Transmission
Spread and evolution of resistance
Dowson, Robinson, Achtman, Pallen
Predictive modelling and epidemiology
Keeling, Hollingsworth, Evans, Chappell
Hospital-acquired infections
Unnikrishnan, Robinson, Keeling, Sagona

Pharmacokinetics and Target Characterisation
Control and pharmacokinetics
Chappell, Evans
Target characterisation, reagent and assay development
Bugg, Dowson, Fox, Fullam, Lloyd, Roper, Unnikrishnan, Smith, Sagona, Tosin
Bacterial uptake mechanisms
Cell wall and protein biosynthesis
Dowson, Lloyd, Roper
Structural studies
Roemer, Lewandowski, Smith

Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Rapid diagnostics
Gibson, Dowson, Covington, Fullam, Gardner, Marsh
Low-cost point of use spectrophotemeters
Dowson, Gardner
Antimicrobial materials
McNally, Kantsler