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The WISB research programme combines the principles of bioscience, engineering, computer science and physical science in theoretical and experimental synthetic biology (SB) research.

We are developing next-generation synthetic biology tools, biosynthetic pathways, synthetic communities of microbes, and plant-microbe interactions.

Our research will help to drive advances that are of benefit to wider society, for example in pharmaceuticals, high-value and commodity chemicals (HVCCs), treatments for disease, environmental bioremediation, and food security.

It will also provide us with a better understanding of some of the key mechanistic and evolutionary principles underpinning living systems.

The research programme includes three applied themes which are underpinned by a central core theme. These themes address specific, industrially relevant design challenges across the scales of biological organisation: genetic circuits, pathways, and multi-cellular systems.

Research in Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects (ELSA) is embedded in our research activities. WISB is committed to the principle of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).