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The Zeeman Institute

The Zeeman Institute

Biological Understanding

Note that this site is currently under construction!

Fundamental to our work is to develop novel understanding of biological phenomona, from the within cellular processes and genomics, through the interaction between cells, to the organ or whole organism. The heart of this Systems Biology approach is to bring powerful statistical and mathematical tools together with cutting edge experimental work to understand the rich and complex dynamics that occur within a body.

The Zeeman Institute has particular strengths in bioinformatics, cell signalling, cellular mechanisms, genomics, image processing and neuroscience.

Till Bretschneider

  • Systems cell biology
  • Cell motility and the cytoskeleton
  • Image-based modelling of cellular dynamics
  • Applied machine learning and automated 3D microscopy

Radu Cimpeanu

  • interfacial flows
  • particle and drop dynamics for agricultural sprays
  • bioreactors and cultivated meat modelling
  • microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip devices
  • flow-based needle design

Robert Dallmann

  • Circadian systems biology
  • Chronotherapy
  • Personalised medicine

Louise Dyson

  • Sources of variability of mRNA expression in cell populations
  • Noise-induced bistable states in biological systems
  • Cranial neural crest cell migration in the developing embryo

Lukas Eigentler

  • dryland vegetation patterns
  • bacterial biofilms
  • evolution of individual variability
  • competition and coexistence

Richard Everitt

  • Inference for models in statistical genetics, particularly for pathogens
  • Inference for environmental and ecological models, including individual-based models
  • Inference for models in neuroscience
  • Stock assessment for fisheries

Miriam Gifford

  • Plant systems biology
  • Gene regulatory network inference
  • Modelling plant-microbe interactions

Sara Kalvala

  • Agent-based modeling of microbial communities
  • Compiler techniques in synthetic biology
  • Logic and semantics-based approaches in cell biology

Tom Montenegro-Johnson

  • Biological fluid dynamics
  • Responsive Hydrogels
  • Microbots and Soft Matter
  • Mathematics of Touch

David Rand

  • Developmental biology
  • Circadian clocks in health and disease (notably cancer)