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Tommys Miscarriage Support tool

Tommys charity launched the Miscarriage Support tool that uses a miscarriage model developed in the Burroughs group.

Working with Professor Siobhan Quenby, WMS, on her Tommys net longitudinal data set, Nigel Burroughs developed predictive models for miscarriage, fertility and time to pregnancy using
a set of covariates, including previous miscarriage history, age and BMI. This work originally started as a 4th year UG research project, was developed into a validated predictive tool by Constandina Koki, PDRA in the Burroughs group. The support tool aims to give women with a history of miscarriage an estimate for the probability of a successful pregnancy, and thus alleviate some of the worries associated with repeated pregnancy loss (RPL). Work continues and a publication will hopefully follow shortly.