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Huizhe Liu

Current Research Area

Synthesis of new polymers made from renewable resources for use in hair care products preventing damages to hair in colouring and bleaching processes. A critical requirement is for monomers and solvents used to be obtainable through sustainable resources. Indeed, the main objective is to initiate a move away from fossil based, non-renewable raw materials in personal and hair care products such as the prevalent silicone derivatives currently used by the industry.

Focus on free radical, controlled radical and ionic polymerisation methods with subsequent full characterisation of polymer-treated hair samples.

The ultimate objective is to develop a natural-based polymer with hair conditioning and strengthening capabilities comparable to current non-renewable market alternatives.

Education background and Research Experience

University of Warwick - Coventry - UK (2020-Present)

PhD in Chemistry

Subject: Synthesis of hydrophobic polymers with renewable resources for personal care products.

Supervisor: Prof. David Haddleton

University of Warwick - Coventry - UK (2018-2019)
MSc in Analytical Science and Instrumentation

MSc research project: Extraction and Determination of Analytes from hair

Supervisor(s): Prof. David Haddleton; Dr. Daniel Lester; Unilever Hair R&D

Duration: April-August 2019

Team research project: Pharmaceutical products and ingredients

Supervisor: Dr. Christopher A. Wootom

Duration: April-August 2019

University of Victoria - Victoria - BC - Canada (2014-2018)
BSc in Chemistry
Scientists in the school program - Victoria - BC - Canada (2017/2018)

Volunteer: SIS volunteer in Scientists in the school helped the high school students to do experiments in the inorganic chemistry lab in Univesity of Victoria.

Supervisor: Dr. Dave Berry

Contact details:

Huizhe dot Liu at warwick dot ac dot uk