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2023-2024 Science Research and Communication students
2022-2023 Science Research and Communication students.
2020 Analytical Science & Instrumentation
2020 Polymer Chemistry

Previous cohorts

MSc Cohorts 2019
MSc Cohorts 2018
MSc Cohorts 2017
MSc Cohorts 2016
MSc Cohorts 2014 & 2015

Analytical Science & Instrumentation 2020

Lani Crocker Sophie Gaunt Wenjing He
Daniel Lene Ioanna Mantaloufa Ajanthan Panchalingam
Michael Sweeting Freya Watson Zining Wu
Rishit Yadav Zelin Ye  

Polymer Chemistry 2020

Liyao Huo Jamie Lewis Kanem Roach
Furong Sun Yinxuan Wenren Yun You
Gina Zeng    

Polymer Science

Qixuan Gong Anand Kunverje Martin Phillips
Rahul Shorthose Jiacheng Zhang  

Analytical and Polymer Science

Wei Qin Qihang Xu  

Polymer Chemistry 2019

Polymer Science 2019

Analytical Polymer Science 2019

Analytical Science and Instrumentation 2019

Polymer Chemistry & Polymer Science MSc 2018

Chemistry with Public Engagement 2018

Analytical Science and Instrumentation MSc 2018

Analytical Science and Instrumentation MSc 2017

Polymer Chemistry & Polymer Science MSc 2017

Chemistry with Public Engagement 2017

ASI MSc 2016 intake


MAS MSc 2016 intake

 Other students taking MAS MSc as part of the CDT can be seen here

Chemistry and Public Engagement

Polymer MSc 2016 intake