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Justin Chan


Justin obtained a 1st class honours degree in BSc Chemistry in 2017 at University of Kent. He was under the supervision of Dr. Stefano Biagini to synthesise modafinil, a stimulant to central nervous system for treating disorganisation of sleep and awake patterns. It was then characterised by several analytical techniques in terms of the qualitative and quantitative ways like NMR, HPLC, FT-IR and GC/MS.

MSc Research Project:

He is currently a master researcher in Michael Ward's group at University of Warwick - under the supervision of Professor Vasilios Stavros about "Photo-induced Electron Transfer in Coordination Cages Using Supramolecular Assemblies". This includes:

  • Synthesise and characterise metal/ ligand assemblies
  • Track the kinetics with transient infrared spectroscopy



Ho Man (Justin) Chan

MSc Analytical Science and Instrumentation

University of Warwick

CV4 7 AL