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Naomi Chopra

Course: Scientific Research and Communication

Duration: 2019-2020

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Academic Background

B.Sc. Geology and Physical Geography (2016-2019), University of Birmingham

I attained a B.Sc. Geology and Physical Geography with Honours, Class I degree at the University of Birmingham. After which, I knew I wanted to continue in a scientific field but wished to focus on scientific communication as this is the career I aspire to pursue.

Study at Warwick…


I study M.Sc. Scientific Research and Communication a unique course offered by the Department of Chemistry. This course consisted of some core modules which have developed my ability and understanding of communicating science immensely. In addition, this course has granted me an incredible amount of flexibility. I was able to choose several modules that I was interested in, thus allowing me to tailor this degree towards my aspirations.

 Master's Project

My project: Stress and the Life Academic; Embedding Staff and Student Wellbeing in Module Creation.

 For my 24-week project, again I was given freedom to what to explore and what supervisor to work with, I chose to pursue a psychology-based project with Dr Elisabeth Blagrove. The intention of the study is to investigate the stress-related and wellbeing issues that occur to both students and staff in the university setting. In particular, the study focuses on identifying the potential positive wellbeing but also stress and wellbeing issues which may emerge during module creation/implementation specifically.

Project aims:
  • To identify the main stressors experienced students and staff and how it affects their wellbeing.
  • To determine how the positive and negative factors can be promoted or avoided
  • To explore the underlying psychological attributes in regard to participants perceptions of wellbeing
  • To provide recommendations in module design to ensure wellbeing considerations in a checklist form.

Phase 1: Pilot Study

Please see below the summary of the Pilot Study: