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Robyn Doherty


My name is Robyn Doherty and I am studying for my masters in Scientific Research and Communication at the University of Warwick. I am currently working on my research project, which will be completed in the middle of September 2018. For my research project I am developing an educational astrophysics children's book, under the supervision of Dr. Gerard Sharpling (Supervisor; Centre for Applied Linguistics) and David Armstrong (Co-supervisor; Centre for Exoplanets and Habitability).

Alongside my studies at the university, I work as both an Outreach Mentor and a Warwick Ambassador. As a mentor I provide consistent support to secondary school children through a combination of online mentoring and face-to-face support, working to raise their aspirations, confidence and study skills, specifically in the subject area of Mathematics.

Academic Background

MSc Scientific Research and Communication, University of Warwick (2017-Present)
Modules include
Planets, Exoplanets and Life, Habitability in the Universe, Science Communication, Research Ethics and Practice, Memory Studies, Writing Extended Articles and Reports, Writing Focused Articles and Reports, Research Skills and Practice, Research Project.
Masters Research Project

The Department for Education have emphasised the importance of introducing scientific reasoning and the process of developing knowledge of science as early as before primary school. It is known that developmentally appropriate science books are a useful tool to introduce children to the practice of science, however the content representation found within trade books for young children is uneven; physical science books are severely lacking in comparison to life science books. The development of an educational astrophysics book is an opportunity to make this field more accessible to the younger generation.

The book was chosen to be based on the 1977 Voyager mission, as this historic undertaking in science has not yet been transformed into digestible material for young children. ‘The Voyager Mission’ will enable children to learn about the outer planets of our solar system but it will also introduce them to the scientific research process.

The Voyager Mission Front Cover

Illustrations were designed and created using the open-software platform GNU Image Manipulation Program.

BSc Natural Sciences, University of Exeter (2014-2017)
Graduated with First Class Honours.
Group Project

Over a period of eleven weeks, we created an educational astrophysics computer game with an accompanying website, which contained education material and original videos aimed at young children. The astrophysics game was based on the original lander game and it was created using the programming language Python. In a team of six, I primarily worked on the educational content, creating both the website material and the interactive YouTube videos. As head of the creative team, I produced multiple graphics and backgrounds using the open-source graphics software GNU Image Manipulation Program, which were implemented within the game.

Towards the end of the research project we were given the opportunity to present our project at the Institute of Physics Conference at Exeter University. At the event we received extremely positive feedback, including multiple requests for a link to download the game from a wide range of age groups.

If you would like to download our lander game, please click here.

Research Project

During my individual research project I created an imaging device that is used for an imaging technique called Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI). My project proposal was to study the existing structure of the imaging system and then design an improved architecture that would allow the dome to be collapsible, and therefore more portable out in the field. The mini RTI dome that I built is now being used for further research at the University of Exeter.


You can find out more information about the work that I did here.


I am a half-marathon runner, and a consistent member of Taekowndo at the university.

Robyn DohertyContact Information

MOAC Department
Top Floor Sentate House
University of Warwick

E: r dot doherty at warwick dot ac dot uk
LinkedIn Profile: Robyn Doherty