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Sarah Ann Richardson


Currently undertaking an MSc in Polymer Chemistry at the Unveristy of Warwick. On a year sabbatical from a healthcare company as a Project Scientist in the Research and Development department, having worked in the polymer industry for two years. Open to new opportunities but have always had a keen interest in polymers and tissue engineering with a passion to work within the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry.

Experience/Academic Background

Two years spent at Scapa Healthcare as a Research Polymer Technician in the Research and Development Department, developing new products, approval of alternative raw materials and resolving processing issues.

Currently undertaking MSc Project: Surface Functionalised Emulsion – Templated Porous Polymers for In-Vitro Cell Culture by Dr Ahmed Eissa.

Utilising an emulsion templating method of novel curable resins aswell as functionalisation of biological reagents to allow for better cell attachment. Furthermore, investigation into the use of these polymeric scaffolds for in vitro 3D cell culture of a variety of cell types, including epithelial cells and endometrial stromal cells.

Received a BSc Hons in Material Science at the University of Birmingham (2010-2013).

Research Project: The effects of thermal transitions of Polycaprolactone (PCL) using the Flash Differential Scanning Calorimeter (FDSC) supervised by Dr. Mike Jenkins.

Extra Curricular

Volunteering frequently with Warwick Volunteers at places such as Dogs Trust, Coventry Foodbank and Kenilworth Phab group. Also volunteered in Ecuador and Thailand at animal rehabilitation centres as has a fondess for animals and travelling.

Contact Information

Email address: s dot richardson dot 3 at warwick dot ac dot uk

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Sarah Ann Richardson

Polymer Chemistry

Senate House

University of Warwick