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Spyros Efstathiou

MSc student in Haddleton group 

Spyros was born in Athens (Greece) in 1995 and achieved his BSc degree in chemistry from the University of Patras (Excellent). His final dissertation thesis was held under the supervision of Professor Theodore Christopoulos and aimed on the development of novel analytical detectors for visible light spectroscopy applied in DNA/enzyme hybridization assays. His four years of undergraduate studies were then followed by a six month internship as a quality control chemical analyst in marine fuels and lubricants at Bureau Veritas Hellas laboratories. As of September 2017, Spyros is an MSc student in Polymer chemistry at the University of Warwick. Recently, he has joined the Haddleton group working on Sulfur Free- RAFT polymerization techniques and investigating co-polymers self-assembly by PISA.



Linkedin: Linkedin page

Office: C213, Department of Chemistry

Mailing address: Senate House, University of Warwick,University Rd CV4 7EZ, Coventry, United Kingdom