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Vincent Maugein Area

  • Investigating new formulation polymers for use in the personal care industry.
  • Using addition-fragmentation monomers to produce materials with new interesting properties.
  • Characterization of thermal and mechanical properties.
  • Polyester synthesis and functionalization

Research Experiences

University of Warwick - Coventry - UK (2020-ongoing)

Ph.D in Chemistry - Haddleton Group

Subject : Addition-fragmentation polyesters for personal care products

Supervisors : Professor David Haddleton (University of Warwick) - Dr Chris Fidge (Unilever)

University of Warwick - Coventry - UK (2018-2019)

MSc research project: Synthesis of ABA triblock bottlebrush elastomers via RAFT polymerization.

Supervisor: Prof. Sebastien Perrier

Duration: April - August 2019

Nanobiotix - Paris - France

Trainee: Synthesis of gold nanoparticles with subsequent functionalization by PEG derivatives and study of nanoparticle stability.

Supervisor: Dr. Agnes Pottier

Duration: June - August 2017

Previous Education

University of Warwick (2018-2019)

MSc in Polymer Chemistry

King's College London (2015-2018)

BSc in Chemistry

Contact details: