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Xu Gu

Acadamic Background

B.Eng of Polymer materials and engineering at Beijing University of Chemical Technology (2013-2017) - China

MSc of Polymer Science at University of Warwick (2017-2018) - UK

Undergraduate Project

Construction of conductive hydrogel hybrid system by photo-reduction. Smart hydrogels which can show obvious response to tiny external stimulation hold great promise for a wide range of applications in artificial muscle, drug delivery and bio-sensor. The conductive hydrogel combines the properties of the hydrogel and the excellent photoelectric properties of conductive materials, which is of great value for the versatility of the hydrogel. The method of photo-reduction of metal ions is consistent with the concept of green chemistry with less incorporation of many chemical reagents in the reaction process. It is very convenient as well. Preparing the hybrid hydrogel is able to realize the response performance and conducive properties.

Master Project

Researching with Dr. Chaoying Wan on electrospinning of PVDF with additives.

This project aims at preparing and studying flexible piezoelectric nanocomposites by adopting MOFs materials in a piezoelectric polymer matrix to obtain a nanocomposites presenting properties of high specific surface area, excellent stability, good flexibility and spinnability.


Contact Information


Polymer Science

Senate House

University of Warwick