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1-6 Jun. 2004 3rd Polish-German Workshop in Rydzyna, OP, "Chiroptical Properties of Bi- and Tricyclic betalactam derivatives. Stucture – CD Data Relationships"; J. Frelek, P. Szczukiewicz
18-20 Nov. 2004 7th Polish Symposium on Organic Chemistry in Warsaw, P, "Synthesis and chiroptical properties bicylic betalactam carbaderivatives"; J. Frelek, P.Szczukiewicz
21 – 25 Aug. 2005 10th Conference on Circular Dichroism, Destin, Florida (USA), „Circular Dichroism spectroscopy in sterochemical studies of mono- and policyclic betalactam derivatives”, J. Frelek, P. Kowalska, F. Furche
23 - 29 Sep. 2005 XXI Conference on Isoprenoids in Bialowieza, P, "Synthesis and chiroptical properties of bicyclic betalactam derivatives"; J. Frelek, M. Woznica, P. Kowalska
6 – 10 Jun. 2006 4th Polish – German Workshop. Modern Aspects in Organic Synthesis,Bioorganic Chemistry and Natural Products Research, Hamburg (Germany), „Synthesis and chiroptical properties of ring-expandedcephalosporin derivatives” P. Kowalska, M. Woznica, J. Frelek
27 – 31 Aug. 2006 1st European Chemistry Congress, Budapest (Hungary), „Chiroptical properties of betalactam analogues with non-classical structure”, P.Kowalska, M.Woznica, J.Frelek
27 – 31 Aug. 2006 1st European Chemistry Congress, Budapest (Hungary), „Towards correlation of the absolute configuration and chiroptical properties of bicyclic betalactams”, J. Frelek, P. Kowalska
26 – 29 Jun. 2007 50th Anniversary Meeting, Eighth Tetrahedron Symposium, Berlin (Germany), „Chiroptical properties of carba- and oxaanalgues of cephalosporines – a combined theoretical and experimental study”, M. Woznica, P. Kowalska, J. Frelek, F. Furche
27 - 30 May 2009 MOAC Annual Conference, Langdale (United Kingdom)
1-4 Dec. 2009 CD and LD Workshop, Warwick University (United Kingdom)