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Group members

Barrow Group in ICR Lab - 2022

Principal Investigator

Dr. Mark P. Barrow
Reader - Associate Professor

ORCID: 0000-0002-6474-5357

Present group members

  1. Latifa Alostad
    PhD student
  2. Rory Downham
    PhD student
  3. Benedict Gannon
    PhD student and past MChem student
  4. Sam Mutto
    PhD student and past MChem student
  5. Haokai Wang
    PhD student and past ASI project student
  6. Sanugi Dassanayake
    MChem and incoming PhD student

Past group members

  1. Dr. Diana Catalina Palacio Lozano
    Past visitor as a PhD student, then PDRA and Senior Research Fellow
  2. Dr. Hugh Jones
    Past PhD student and MChem student
  3. Dr. Mary Thomas
    Past PhD student and MAS CDT project student
  4. Dr. Rémy Gavard
    Past PhD student and MAS CDT project student

Past project students (not including those who became PhD students)

  1. Ancy Sathi Kumar (ASI project)
  2. Angus Currie (AS CDT project)
  3. Michelle Pang (visiting student from Hong Kong)
  4. Aidan Cheung (URSS student)
  5. Priya Johal (MChem)
  6. Abdulaziz Aljohani (ASI project)
  7. Georgie Taylor (MChem)
  8. Rhian Colton (MChem)
  9. Anna Gilbert (MChem)
  10. Katie Liddle (MChem)
  11. Maddie Dowden (MChem)
  12. Will Owles (MChem)
  13. Mahsa Aghdas Zadeh (ASI project)
  14. Hiu Shuen Tse (ASI project)
  15. Izaak Tyson-Hirst (Masters by research)
  16. Nick Watson (URSS)
  17. Will Owles (URSS)
  18. Emily Miles (MChem project)
  19. Zena Choi (URSS)
  20. Natasha Sanjrani (URSS)
  21. Tom Moriarty (URSS)
  22. Shakiela Begum (MAS CDT mini project)
  23. Emma Collinge (MChem project)
  24. James Town (MAS CDT mini project)
  25. Juan Wei (postdoc project)
  26. Simona Gherghel (AS:MIT project)
  27. Holly Chan (AS:MIT project)
  28. Matthew Griffiths (MChem project)