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Matthew Sinclair



PhD student investigating the organometallic chemistry of well-defined Pd(I) and Pt(I) complexes

ORCID = 0000-0002-6913-343X


2017– present: EPSRC DTA studentship.

2013 – 2017: MSci Chemistry (with a year aborad), University of Bristol.

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Email: m.sinclair.1(at)

Publications and contributions to symposia

  1. M. J. G. Sinclair and A. B. Chaplin. Oxidative ring expansion of a low-coordinate palladacycle: synthesis of a robust T-shaped alkylpalladium(II) complex. Inorg. Chim. Acta 2020, 513, 119948.
  2. M. J. G. Sinclair and A. B. Chaplin. Radical Oxidative Addition Reactions of Mononuclear Palladium(I). 5th RSC Dalton Division Southern Regional Meeting, Oxford, UK, 2019.
  3. Q. Simpson, M. J. G. Sinclair, D. W. Lupton, A. B. Chaplin and J. F. Hooper. Oxidative Cross-Coupling of Boron and Antimony Nucleophiles via Palladium(I). Org. Lett. 2018, 20, 5537 – 5540.
  4. M. J. G. Sinclair, J. F. Hooper and A. B. Chaplin. Exploring the Organometallic Chemistry of Mononuclear Palladium(I). Dalton 2018 – A Joint Meeting of Dalton Division Interest Groups, Coventry, UK, 2018.