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The GibsonGroup are interested in how we can use biomaterials and bio-engineering approaches to address global heathcare challenges. We have current research programs in;

Cell and protein (biologic) cryopreservation, learning from how extremeophiles survive

Glyco-biology/nanotechnology, to mimic the complexities of the cell glycalyx to develop

New non-traditional antimicrobials

New diagnostic tools


Feature article published in Macromolecular Bioscience

Mimicking the Ice Recrystallization Activity of Biological Antifreezes. When is a New Polymer “Active”?

This feature article discusses how to assign if a new material has IRI (ice recrystallisation inhibition) activity or not, relative to the highly potent antifreeze (glyco)proteins of very weakly active synthetic polymers. This article will have guide people in designing materials and speculates on how the relative magnitude of activity observed may help assign underlying molecular level mechanisms.

Current Vacancies

Ph.D Vacancies:

No current vacancies. Candidates please contact Prof. Gibson

Postdoctoral Vacancies:

Further information on all these posts and other opportunities can be found on this link.