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Chemistry Gibson Group


The GibsonGroup are interested in how we can use biomaterials and bio-engineering approaches to address global heathcare challenges. We have current research programs in;

Cell and protein (biologic) cryopreservation, learning from how extremeophiles survive

Glyco-biology/nanotechnology, to mimic the complexities of the cell glycalyx to develop

New non-traditional antimicrobials

New diagnostic tools

Current Vacancies

MIBTP PhD Vacancy:
Fungal Ice nucleation: Moulding our environment?

Closing date: 7th June 2020

PhD Vacancies for 2020:

Up to 8 PhD vacancies for October 2020 start. Biomaterials, Synthetic, Cell Biology and Analytical Positions’ available. Fully funded. Direct application and competitive schemes Details

Postdoctoral Vacancies:

Newton International Fellowships. For Non-UK based researchers. Details here.

Further information on all these posts and other opportunities can be found on this link.