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Gibson Group: Agnieszka Nagorska


Agnieszka Nagorska was born in Gdansk in Poland. She did her bachelor’s degree at the University of Westminster in Biomedical Sciences. She started her PhD in 2018 at the University of Warwick. Her work focused on early development in zebrafish embryos, and she recently defended her thesis in translational control of the left-right asymmetry by a 3’UTR element.

Research Interests

Agi is currently working for Cryologyx to make ready-to use cell monolayers and also to test optimal conditions for cryopreservation of different cell lines.


Email: agnieszka dot nagorska at Warwick dot ac dot uk

Lab: M101 WMS

Address: Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL