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Gibson Group: Amy Godfrey


Amy is from Enfield in North London, where she attended Edmonton County School and Sixth Form (2007-2014), completing A-levels in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. She started her undergraduate studies at the University of Warwick, graduating in 2018 with a first-class Masters degree in Chemistry.

After graduation she joined the Medical Research Council Doctoral Training Partnership (MRC DTP) in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research at the University of Warwick. In the first year of the course, she took modules which included statistics, microscopy and computational modelling, but most importantly this is where she developed an interest in Biology. During this first year she also undertook two three month mini-projects. The first involved investigating and synthesising small molecule inhibitors of bacterial polyprenyl phosphate mannose synthases (a vital protein in bacterial glycosylation pathways, and a potential new target for antibacterial agents) with Dr Manuela Tosin in the Chemical Biology Research Facility in Warwick’s Chemistry Department. The second mini-project, supervised by Dr Nick Waterfield, involved engineering the tail fibres from a multi-protein syringe-like structure (known as the Photorhabdus Virulence Cassette, or PVC, secreted by Photorhabdus bacteria), with homing peptides to alter their binding selectivity towards specific cell types. Finished the year with a Distinction level masters degree.

PhD Project Overview

Amy began her PhD in 2019 under the supervision of Professor Matt Gibson and Nick Waterfield, expanding upon research from the second miniproject. The project aims understand the structure and function of PVC tail fibres to gain a better understanding of the cell-surface targets, in addition to engineer cell-type specificity of the tail fibre bidnign region. Ultimately, by adapting the binding region of the PVC tail fibres, the project seeks to produce a novel and selective drug delivery system, that could also be used for diagnostic applications, as well as a tool for other biological research.


[1] Samya Banerjee, Andreas Omlor, Juliusz A. Wolny, Yisong Han, Frederik Lermyte, Amy E. Godfrey, Peter B. O'Connor, Volker Schünemann, Mohsen Danaie and Peter J. Sadler, "Generation of maghemite nanocrystals from iron–sulfur centres", Dalton Trans., 2019, 48 (26), 9564-9569.


Edmonton County School & 6th Form (2007-2014)

Uni. of Warwick (2014-2018) MChem

Uni. of Warwick (2018-2019) Msc

Uni. of Warwick (2019-2022) PhD


Tel: 024 765 73298

Lab: IBRB 2.13/M119

Office: IBRB Floor 2 East

Email: a dot e dot godfrey at warwick dot ac dot uk