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Gibson Group: Iain Galpin


Iain was born in London in 1993 before moving out into the Berkshire countryside 1 year later. He started at Abingdon Boys in 2006, completing his GCSEs in 2009 and his A Levels (Maths, Biology, Chemistry & Physics, with AS Further Maths) in 2011.

He started studying Biochemistry at the Unviversity of Warwick in 2012, and converted onto the in-house MBio course upon its' inception. Whilst at Warwick he developed an interest in molecular and synthetic biology, and in 2015 was part of Warwick's iGEM team to compete in Boston; the team achieved a Gold Medal. Whilst at Warwick he has taken part in two rearch projects, one coupling catalytically active RNAs to CRIPSR, and another using targetted genetic engineering to modify a bacteriophage.

In 2017 he began working for the Gibson Group, undertaking an EPSRC-funded PhD project in the Group's new Life Sciences lab (M119).

Research Interests

Iain's main area of interest is sythetic biology; using genetic engineering tools to create controllable switches and artificial pathways in bacteria and other organisms. His current area of research involves synthesis and characterisation of novel antifreeze proteins (AFPs) in bacteria, for use in cryopreservation of biological materials up to the organ level.


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Outreach Work

iGEM Outreach Work - Summer 2015

Iain was involved in a variety of outreach work between June and August 2015 as part of Warwick's iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machine) Challenge team. This work included going into local schools to promote science study to GCSE and A level students using the team's project as an example; and an interview on a local radio station for one of their science-based programs.


Oral Presentations:

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Poster Presentations:

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Conference Attendance

Synthetic Biology UK - Bristol 2018

Synthetic Biology UK - Warwick 2019

Other Interests

Outside of the lab Iain's interests include cooking, reading (mostly science fiction), gaming and theatre tech, including volunteering as a student technician at the University of Warwick Arts Centre.



University of Warwick (2012-17)

MBio, Biochemistry