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Gibson Group: Ioanna Kontopoulou


Ioanna is born and raised in Kalamata, Greece. In 2008 she moved in Patras, Greece where she resided until 2015. During this period Ioanna obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Material Science, from the University of Patras, Greece. Ioanna started her research career at her senior undergraduate years. The two major research projects that she was involved at University of Patras. The first was the preparation of polymers that were loaded with drugs and the examination of the rate of drug release under certain conditions, and second the synthesis and characterization of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) powder from precursor materials. In 2016 has been a research visitor at the University of Greenwich, UK, where she examined the possibility of 3D printed catheters, whose surface would have been covered with biocompatible polymer containing dispersed ZnO powder. In 2017 has been a research visitor at Purdue University, Indiana, USA, where she worked on the interesting project of using a pipeline to process population genetic data and create preliminary exploratory results. This pipeline was using standard statistical algorithms such as Principal Component Analysis and ADMIXTURE, to cluster individuals according to their ancestry.

Research Interests

Synthesis and characterization of poly(vinyl alcohol) polymers using controlled radical polymerization techniques and applying high resolution analytical methods (GPC/SEC, NMR, MS etc). Cryopreservation, Ice Recrystallization Inhibition (IRI), electrospinning ,3D-printing, load/release of drugs from polymers, kidney stones analysis, synthesis/characterization of ZnO, population genetics.

PhD Project Overview

Ioanna’s PhD research is concentrating on “New Polymers for Biomedical Applications” and is supervised by Professor Matthew Gibson. The research, that is funded by an industrial partner, involves the synthesis of well-defined polymers using controlled radical polymerization techniques and applying high resolution analytical methods including MALDI-tof to analyse their structure. These polymers will be evaluated in a diverse range of application areas.


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Royal Society of Chemistry: Associate Member (AMRSC)

Other Interests

Outside of the research and the laboratories, Ioanna likes to cook and baking cakes. She is likes to travel, visit other countries, swim and do scuba diving.



University of Warwick, UK
Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2018-Present
University of Patras, GRE

M. Sc. in Materials Science


B.Sc. in Materials Science



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