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Gibson Group: Muhammad Hasan


Muhammad was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 1984. He completed his schooling in many different countries, specifically, he did GCE 'O' Levels in Singapore (1998-2000) and GCE 'A' Levels in Pakistan (2001-2003). He was subsequently awarded the Reach Oxford Scholarship to read Mathematics at Magdalen College, Oxford (2004-2007).

In his final year he began to take a keen interest in Mathematical Biology and hence decided to enrol in the MSc + PhD programme in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry at the Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells (MOAC) DTC. He then joined the Gibson group and set up the new lab at the Warwick Medical School.

Research Interests

Investigating the structure-activity relationship of ice-binding proteins to:

i) understand how these proteins function in their native environments.

ii) develop non-natural analogues and conjugates.

iii) explore their use as cryoprotective agents in laboratory and industrial contexts.


[1] Ieong, N. S., M. Hasan, D.J. Philips, Y. Saaka, R.K. O’Reilly, and M.I. Gibson. Polymers
with molecular weight dependent LCSTs are essential for cooperative behaviour.
Polymer Chemistry, 2012, 3, 794–799. doi:10.1039/C2PY00604A

[2] Jenei, Z.A., G.Z.L. Warren, M. Hasan, V.A. Zammit and A.M. Dixon. Packing of transmembrane
domain 2 of carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1A affects oligomerization and
malonyl-CoA sensitivity of the mitochondrial outer membrane protein. The FASEB
Journal, 2011, 25, 4522–4530. doi:10.1096/FJ.11-192005


Reach Oxford Scholarship, Magdalen College, University of Oxford (2004-2007)

Carl Blakey Scholarship, MOAC DTC, University of Warwick (2010)



BA (Hons.)

Mathematics, Magdalen College, University of Oxford, 2004-2007


Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry, University of Warwick, 2010-2011


Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry, University of Warwick, 2011-2015

Email: M.Hasan.1[at]