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Gibson Group: Ola Alkosti


Ola completed her bachelor's degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry at Damascus University in 2015. Her undergraduate studies have enriched her laboratory skills, including spectrophotometer, Immunoassays (ELISA), western blotting and different types of chromatography. She has built her experience by being involved in the working sector as a pharmacist in a big hospital for more than 3 years. Believing that teaching is a main skill that every researcher needs to build, she was chosen to be the scientific supervisor in the pharmaceutical lab at Damascus University and was also accepted to be training in the medical laboratories in one of the best academic hospitals in the country.

She obtained her master’s degree in pharmacology and drug discovery from Coventry University. Her dissertation project was supervised by Dr. Christopher J Mee, understanding the role of VEGF-C and CCL-19 in the metastatic process of hepatocellular carcinoma. Different techniques were used in this project such as flowcytometry, MTT assay and Real-time PCR.

Research Interests

My PhD is about engineering immune cells surfaces under the supervision of Professor Matthew Gibson. We will be using polymers to reprogram the cells to fight diseases, particularly cancer.


University of Warwick (2020-Present)

PhD in Chemistry


ola dot alkosti at warwick dot ac dot uk
Office: MAS 3.09 | Lab: MAS 1.07