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PostDoc Opportunity, Application Deadline: 8.11.2018

Title: Pushing the limits of computational chemical discovery of hybrid inorganic-organic materials

Project: This project aims to develop a transferable and accurate Density-Functional Tight-Binding method to study metal-organic interfaces and molecular adsorption at metal surfaces and nanoclusters. Using heuristic optimisation and machine learning, the candidate will develop a method that can accurately map the accuracy of dispersion-corrected Density Functional Theory calculations onto the DFTB method, which will enable calculations at much larger time and length scales. This method will be employed to study adsorption and desorption dynamics at surfaces, surface photocatalysis and electrochemical reactions.

How to Apply:

Please direct informal inquiries and requests for further information to Dr. Reinhard Maurer (r.maurer .at.

The formal application process can be accessed with THIS LINK. Informal inquiries are highly encouraged beforehand.

Group Openings

Applications from students interested in research at the Master's, PhD and PostDoc level are always welcome.

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