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PhD Studentship – for EU/UK citizens

Quantum simulation of light-induced chemistry and electronic friction effects at metal surfaces

Project: The project will involve the quantum theoretical study of light-induced chemical reactions in industrially-relevant heterogeneous catalysis and gas-surface dynamics. Newly developed efficient quantum dynamics simulation methods and high-performance supercomputing infrastructure will be used to study the role of light-matter interaction and molecule-surface energy transport in controlling chemical reactions at metal surfaces. The thereby gained understanding will guide the development of efficient light-assisted alternatives to industrial processes ranging from CO2 capture to Carbon-Carbon coupling reactions. Depending on the student’s interests, fundamental computational method development work can be a large part of this project.

How to Apply:
Please direct informal enquiries and requests for further information to Dr. Reinhard Maurer (r.maurer .at.
Please include your CV and a brief explanation of your interests in the research area of the studentship.Details on the formal application procedure can be found at

Group Openings

Applications from students interested in research at the Master's, PhD and PostDoc level are always welcome.

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