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Just finished a great CMS conference last week, now the best part of the group is off to Regensburg for the DPG.

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Tue 02 April 2019, 11:47

Funding from The Leverhulme Trust for 2 PhD students

We just received funding for 2 PhD students to work on our ambitious simulation methodology for hot-electron chemistry. The goal will be to explore the role of nonadiabatic and quantum effects in hydrogen chemistry in fuel cells and at metal catalysts.

Wed 20 March 2019, 09:15

G'day mates! We just received funding for a collaboration project with Monash University in Australia.

The Monash-Warwick Alliance has awarded us with £15k from their Catalyst Fund for a collaborative project with Prof. Katya Pas (Monash), Prof. Julie MacPherson (Warwick), and Prof. Douglas MacFarlane (Monash) to develop simulation methodology for electrocatalysis applications in ionic liquids.

Fri 21 December 2018, 12:04

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