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10th European FTMS Workshop, 2012

10th European FTMS Workshop, 2012

This is the website for the 10th European Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry Conference. The meeting will be held April 1-5, 2012 and be hosted by the University of Warwick, which is located on the outskirts of Coventry in the UK.

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Peter OConnor, Ron Heeren, and Alan Marshall

Update (April 5th, 2012):

Conference photos will be uploaded to the Photo Gallery page.

Zip files of the photos (for downloading) will be provided.

Conference topics:

New developments in mass spectrometry instrumentation - particularly as applied to modern FTMS instruments

Ion transfer optics, including Quadrupoles, Ion funnels, and static opticsWarwick Arts Centre

FTICR mass spectrometry


Ion-mobility FTMS

Other high resolution, high mass accuracy techniques

General mass spectrometry instrumentation

Applications of high resolution and/or high mass accuracy

Methods developments

Computational modeling

Conference dinner

On the Wednesday evening (April 4th), the conference dinner will be hosted at Warwick Castle.

TravelWarwick Castle

The University of Warwick is conveniently located for travel via Birmingham International Airport (BHX). A car or taxi journey between the airport and the university should take approximately half an hour, and a train service also operates between the airport and Coventry. Should visitors wish to arrive at Heathrow Airport (LHR) or Gatwick Airport (LGW) instead, Coventry is also served by train services from London.

For more information about how to arrive at the campus in general, see: 

Specific information for visitors arriving from overseas can be found at:


The surrounding area and the county of Warwickshire offers a number of sites of historic interest. Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, is approximately half an hour to the south. Warwick Castle is eight miles from the University, while Kenilworth Castle is about three miles away. All are accessible by public transport. See sidebar.


The EFTMS Workshop will cover a number of subject areas, including:

  • Orbitrap
  • Other FTMS methods
  • Applications
  • Technique developments
  • Computational modelling
  • and more...

O'Connor Group