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Hi All,

A conference such as this one is the work of many people. I wish to particularly thank the following:

Dr. Mark Barrow - for most of the work with sponsors, warwick castle, and for the great logo

Dr. David Kilgour - for organizational and logistical help

Tzu-Yung (Terry) Lin - for taking on the role of conference photographer

My research group - for help in registration, organization, AV, etc,

Andrea Lopez-Clavijo

Pilar Perez-Hurtado

Huilin Li

Terry Lin

Yulin Qi

Rebecca Wills

Andrew Soulby

Samantha Benson

Juan Wei

Meng (Anna) Li

Matthew Griffiths

Katie Dingley and Fiona Friel for help with the conference programme.

David Josey for help with logistics

Samantha Hall and Sukhbinder Kaur for help with the invoicing and finances

Warwick Conferences (and especially our conference organizer Jane Gray and our on-site helpers Erika and Alex)

Warwick Castle and their wonderful staff

The sponsors (Bruker, Thermo, Advion, Leco, Waters, RSC, and Expedeon) whose financial assistance greatly facilitated the meeting.

And of course, the delegates for making the conference exciting and driving the scientific discourse.

Thank you all,

Peter B. O'Connor