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Conference Programme

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Conference Programme - Version 1 September 2021

Please make sure you check the programme regularly (on each day) as last minute changes are very likely.
Speakers shall check the programme carefully and ensure they join the relevant conference session promptly for their presentation.
All timings that appear on the programme refer to British Summer Time (BST) not UTC or GMT – make sure you convert the BST time appropriately to your local time.


Day 1 - Wednesday 1 September
8:30 OPTIONAL Technical Drop-in session (session chairs and presenters only)
10:00 Icebreaker - Let's Make Haiku!
Chair: Nahoko Miyaji
12:00 Welcome and opening of conference
Georgia Kremmyda (Conference Chair, Professor The University of Warwick UK)
Jung Sun Kim (President INWES, Vice President and Professor Dongseo University South Korea)
Christine Ennew (Provost and Professor The University of Warwick UK)
Margot James (Executive Chair Warwick Manufacturing Group)
12:40 Gold Sponsor Address
Angela Wilks (Power System Engineer, National Grid)
13:00 Plenary talk
Peggy Oti-Boateng (Director - Division of Science Policy and Capacity-Building, UNESCO)
Engineering for sustainable development-Imperatives for women engineers
13:30 Plenary talk
Eucharia Kenya (Professor, Deputy Vice Chancellor University of Embu, Kenya)
Sustainable Inclusivity for Women in STEM in the Wake of Global Humanitarian Challenges
14:00 Networking Session (and break)
14:30 Session 1:
Education, Training & Ethics
Session 2:
Gender & STEM
Session 3:
Global Health & Pandemics
Session 4:
One Humanity, Shared responsibility
Session 5:
Urban Resilience, Disasters & Data
  Chair: Georgia Kremmyda Chair: Modupe Jimoh Chair: Kong-Joo Lee Chair: Toby Mottram Chair: Belén García
  Keynote talk: Jayshree Seth
Advancing Women in STEM
The global perception of science and the need for STEM advocacy
Keynote talk: Damla Sener
How to future-proof your career and life choices in digital economy
Keynote talk: Haryoung Poo
Development of vaccine for COVID-19
Keynote talk: Christina Francis
Managing stakeholders' roles and interests during the energy transition
Keynote talk: Rana Ilgaz
Achieving strategic change in a world city
15:00 Talk 1: Jung Sun Kim
Gender in STEM education in universities in Taiwan and Korea
Talk 1: Rose Atieno Opiyo
The Disjunction between Availability of Opportunities in STEM Careers and Lack of Enthusiasm to go into the Careers: Disentangling the Paradox
Talk 1: Ukemeobong Okon
Public Health Challenge: Prevalence of brucellosis in occupational categories in Nigeria
Talk 1: Ruby Hanson
Managing humanitarian challenges through sustainable micro science activities
Talk 1: Josephine Eze
The Impact of Integrating Renewable Energy Source for Rural Electrification Optimization using Neuro-Fuzzy
15:20 Talk 2: Jan Peters
Reframing excellence in higher education
Talk 2: Rie Yamaguchi
Work-style reform and womens career promotion in Japan
Talk 2: Daniela Valdes
Global Evidence on Telemedicine adoption in Primary Care During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic – review protocol and preliminary insights
Talk 2: Scholastica Fidelis Ekanem
Pond Construction Estimations: Clues for Integrating Classroom and Field Experience in Secondary Schools and Students' Acquisition Skills in Pisciculture in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Talk 2: Evangeline Ekoh
Erosion control and reclamation in Opi Nsukka, Enugu - Nigeria
15:40 Talk 3: Maria Natalia Dimaano
Immediate chemical engineering online education in the Philippines: Addressing cross-functional tasks empowering critical decisions despite the COVID-19 pandemic
Talk 3: Olufunmilade Fatungase
Driving Africas Socio-Economic Growth through Strategic Gender Inclusivity in STEM Career: the Roles of Professional Associations
Talk 3: Kamini Gupta
Perceived Behavioural Changes in Commuter's Mobility due to COVID Situation (Delhi-India)
Talk 3: Alexandra Leeper
What Antarctica taught us: How a leadership program for women in STEMM is changing the narrative to drive science-based decisions for the well-being of the collective and of our planet
Talk 3: Zeba Zaidi
Rethinking the Moria Refugee Camp: Spatial and Structural Reconsiderations
16:00 Panel discussion
Chair: Pam Thomas
17:30 Introducing Film Director Amirose Eisenbach in advance of Day 2 Film Screening on 'Equal Playing Field'
18:00 End of Day 1



Day 2 - Thursday 2 September
8:30 OPTIONAL Technical Drop-in session (session chairs and presenters only)
9:30 Equal Playing Field - Film Screening
11:00 Session 1:
Climate Change / Ecosystems & Biodiversity
Session 2:
Renewable Energy
Session 3:
Global Health & Pandemics
Session 4:
Education, Training & Ethics
Session 5:
Gender & STEM
Session 6:
Gender & STEM
  Chair: Mohammad Shoeb Chair: Caroline Thoruwa Chair: Yiannis Koumpouros Chair: Ruby Hanson Chair: Sylvia Kegel Chair: Jung Sun Kim
  Keynote talk: Sujit Bala
Adaptation Efforts and Policy Guidelines for Bangladesh Combating Climate Change at 1.5C, 2C and 4C of Global Warming
Keynote talk: Antonella Vitale
Towards More Sustainable Humanitarian Systems
Keynote talk: Yiannis Koumpouros
The contribution of innovative ICT applications to the quality of health services: the case of COVID-19
Keynote talk: Sheridan Ash
Tech She Can
Keynote talk: Nina Baker
More than pioneers: Britain's 'Hidden Figures' women in the space race and Cold War
Keynote talk: Rafaella Ocone
Engineering Equitable Innovation
11:30 Talk 1: Kenza Khomsi
The contribution of the large-scale atmospheric patterns to pollution with PM10: the new Saharan Oscillation Index
Talk 1: Christia Meidiana
Determinants of Community Involvement in Waste Reduction through Waste Bank
Talk 1: Aneeqa Rana
COVID-19 Silver Lining: Tinkering to Shift Education Paradigms towards a Learning Revolution
Talk 1: Nelly Sakyi-Hagan
Gender differences in performance in integrated science among pre-service secondary school teachers in Ghana
Talk 1: Janet Williams
Hidden figures: Surprise findings gleaned from a U.S. National Science Foundation study and other sources
Talk 1: Seema Singh
Women in STEM Education and Employment in India: Status and Prognosis
11:50 Talk 2: Toluwanimi Adeoti
Household Behaviour towards Energy Conservation in Nigeria
Talk 2: Olufunmilade Fatungase
Closing global energy demand gap using renewable energy technologies
Talk 2: Grace Wamue
Innovative Gender Responsive Strategies to Sustain Mentorship in Science, Technology and Engineering (STEM) in the Post- Covid-19 Era
Talk 2: Catherine Mavriplis
30 years of Canada's Chairs for women in Science and Engineering: the changing landscape
Talk 2: Joanna Collingwood
Challenging Perceptions: research-led efforts to advance gender equality in STEM
Talk 2: Mary Mwangi
Participatory, gender-responsive evaluation of climate smart bananas for enhanced food security and income
12:10 Talk 3: Fidela Enodiem Udoh
Mid-rain plantain (MUSA SPP) farming innovation technology required by graduates of agriculture for self-reliance in sustainable production
Talk 3: Hind Saidani-Scott
Solar panel cooling methods for electrical efficiency improvement
  Talk 3: Selline Ooko
Contextualized Science learning and Student’s Transition from Secondary School to University: The Case of a Public Day Secondary School in Kenya
Talk 3: Peggy Layne
A Systematic Review of Scholarly Research on Women in Engineering
Talk 3: Ogechi Vivian Nwadiaru
Co-Op Financing A Gender Effective Energy Intervention for the Last Mile
12:30 Workshop
Influential Leaders by Juliet Hart
14:00 Networking Session (and break) Annual INWES AGM
15:30 Poster Session 1 Poster Session 2 Poster Session 3 Poster Session 4    
  Chair: Belén García Chair: Modupe Jimoh Chair: Angelos Georgoulas Chair: Joanna Collingwood    
  Poster 1: Jung Sun Kim
Is STEM Still a Man's World?
Poster 4: Rufina Dabo Sarr
The Digital Economy: The Role and Place of Women (another speaker to present due to unforeseen reason)
Poster 7: Ifeyinwa Obuekwe
Effect of climate reanalysis and some spatial attributes on the spread of COVID-19 at global scale
Poster 10: Rose Okoloekwe
Public Health Strategy for Wellness Enhancement through Mineral Fortified Drinking Water
  Poster 2: Yumiko Nagoh
Steady Effort to Build Soft Diagonal Relationships and Offer Opportunities with Experiential STEAM Learning
Poster 5: Oliva Kilyenyi
Contribution of Women in Gender and STEM development
Poster 8: Kamini Gupta
Impact of Vision on Driver Safety Performance
Poster 11: Mary Goretti Kariaga
Challenges and recommendations in mitigating HIV risky behaviour among students in institutions of higher learning
  Poster 3: Hye Young Park
The Missing Link in Regional Gender Policy
Poster 6: Ndidi Arinze
Indoor Implementation of Hybrid of Light Fidelity and Wireless Fidelity Networks
Poster 9: Ifeyinwa Obuekwe
Design and Operation of a Microbial Fuel Cell utilizing Pineapple and Cassava Wastewaters
Poster 12: Nneka Ogbuagu
Combating food insecurity in Nigeria through strategic formulated agricultural mechanization plan
16:00 Workshops in Parallel Sessions Panels in Parallel Sessions  
  Workshop 1: Women in Science and Engineering
Role models & allyship
Workshop 2: Jenny Amann, Katie Cross, Andrew Aris
Football fair play
Workshop 3: Tomoko Numazawa
Diversity in the workstyle - let's talk about work-life balance
Panel 1: World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
Learning outside of school: empowering girls in STEM through Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting
Panel 2: Canadian Institute for Women in Engineering and Sciences (CIWES)
Creating the Memories & celebrating the Legacy of the Bold & the Brave: Building the Archives of Women Scientists & Engineers
17:30 Networking, social events
18:00 End of Day 2



Day 3 - Friday 3 September
8:30 OPTIONAL Technical Drop-in session (session chairs and presenters only)
10:00 Icebreaker - Virtual Magic
By Chris Fleming
10:30 Handover to ICWES19
11:00 Session 1:
Gender & STEM
Session 2:
Renewable Energy
Session 3:
Sustainable Cities
Session 4:
Environmental Sustainability
Session 5:
Water and Environmental Sustainability
  Chair: Ruby Hanson Chair: Modupe Jimoh Chair: Toby Mottram Chair: Kong-Joo Lee Chair: Seema Singh
  Keynote talk: Marlene Kanga
Increasing gender participation and leadership in STEM organisation
Keynote talk: Eucharia Kenya
Bioprospecting Cellulases from Organic Wastes for Bioethanol Production in Kenya
Keynote talk: Oliva Kilyenyi
Sustainable cities through creation of sustainable transport system
Keynote talk: Uduakobong Okon
Communal conflict and agriculture education ethics and practice: case of community crisis in Nigeria
Keynote talk: Alice Liddell
Methodologies for the detection of microplastics in clean water systems, and their removal by conventional drinking water treatment technologies
11:30 Talk 1: Rehema Ndeda
Technology as a tool for impact evaluation in Gender and STEM: A review of literature
Talk 1: Gabriella Gardosi
Sustainable bioenergy in Nigeria to benefit rural women
Talk 1: Aminata Kolé Faye
Solar energy, corner stone of Africas industrialization
Talk 1: Adebisi Osim
Chemical Attenuation Assessment of Cement Kiln Dust Treated Black Clay Soil in Waste Containment Facilities
Talk 1: Mohammad Shoeb
Biodiversity, water quality and environmental contaminants of the Bay of Bengal
11:50 Talk 2: Helene Goetschel
Gender Studies as a Tool to Overcome Social Inequalities in Physics Education
Talk 2: Irnia Nurika
Bioconversion of lignocellulosic tropical agricultural wastes to produce potential renewable chemicals and biogas through integrated biorefinery concept
Talk 2: Emma Hellawell
Evaluating asbestos contamination on brownfield sites to inform sustainable urban development
Talk 2: Uche Chiwetalu Jenice
Investigations on the use of different bio- materials (Poultry Droppings, Mashed Cassava Peels, and Slightly Mashed Grasses) in control of Soil Alkalinity
Talk 2: Emily Ngeno
Caffeine and Ciprofloxacin Adsorption from Water onto Clinoptilolite: Linear Isotherms, Kinetics, Thermodynamic and Mechanistic Studies
12:10 Comfort break
12:30 Workshop
Engineering education, diversity and inclusion by Marlene Kanga
14:00 Networking Session (and break)
14:30 Workshops in Parallel Sessions Panels in Parallel Session
  Workshop 1: Christina Francis
Smart Local Energy Systems (SLESs) - Data for Change for People, Communities and Environment
Workshop 2: Graeme Gooday
Where are the histories of women’s international collaboration in engineering and applied science?
Workshop 3: Christine Grant
Strategic Development: Design Your Decision… Determine Your STEM Destiny!!
Panel 1: ENHANCE Consortium (Erasmus plus project)
Humanitarian Attributes in Community-based Engineering Education
Panel 2: Warwick Engineering Society
STEM Education: Students perspective
16:00 Plenary Talk
Leah Jamieson (Professor, Purdue University, USA)
Reflections on Women in STEM: Balancing Concerns and Optimism
16:30 Plenary Talk
Reini D. Wirahadikusumah (Professor, Rector Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)
17:00 Awards and Prizes
17:10 Closing Address
Gail Mattson (Past President, INWES)
Georgia Kremmyda (Professor, Conference Chair)
17:30 Post-conference networking and social events
18:00 End of Conference

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